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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Jun 10, 2016

After that epic trip we hit the road to head towards Miravalles Volcano, we went to visit the Canyon of the Old Adventure Lodge, a place really close to Liberia and on the way to Rincon de la Vieja. Here we find a cozy atmosphere surrounded by nature, adventure and adrenaline.

How to get there? Waze Vehicle:Automobile Parking:Yes Contact: Canyon of the Old Adventure Lodge Tel. 2665 5912 Cost:$ 105 for 2 people per night (until December 19th). Package of activities:canopy, rappel, horseback riding, rafting or tubing, lunch and use of the spa (volcanic mud, sauna room, temperate waters) $ 75 per person can be done in a day or in two days if you stay. Pets:No

What to bring? Comfortable clothes, swimsuit, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, glasses, and an excellent attitude.

Difficulty: Easy


We arrived Saturday afternoon and rested in the room until dinner time, we filled our tummies to sleep even more and to charge our batteries for Sunday.

On Sunday, after having breakfast and putting on some comfortable clothes, we met with the Cañón de la Vieja Lodge staff so that they could explain our adventure day. We put on our canopy equipment which was the first activity of the day. Once the team climbed we went to the first of 9 canopy lines.

The thing that makes this place different from the others is that you cross the Colorado River canyon again and again, which gives you a flying sensation over a canyon that is at a considerable depth.

Once we finished canopy, we drank 700 glasses of water and then went down rappelling and from a stone wall of about 20 meters which put us to a physical and mental test.

After recovering from the soreness we headed towards the stable where they had horses that would take us upstream. In the horseback riding activity, Karlita and Glori showed off by running the beasts at full speed, ruffling the rest of the herd of horses. As a result, the horse part was the fastest in time, but the longest and most physically painful activity for Tavo and myself.

When we arrived upstream, the staff had prepared giant floats lined with a cloth with handles to send us downstream by that cannon. The water level was medium-low for the summer, and there were slow parts. Still, the place is very scenic and the river gave us a good dose of adventure with several waterfalls and fast and extreme rapids.

After getting soaked we went to change for a tasty lunch and ended up relaxing in the spa. In the spa, we went to the sauna, where we got covered with volcanic mud and then we went to sleep for a while next to the canyon of the Colorado River. After we took off all of the mud from ourselves, we enjoyed a dip in the river and finally bathed in the spa's own thermal pools to bring an end to this awesome trip.


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