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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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Ladies and gents, we come to present to you an incredible activity nearby, in the Central Pacific … It consists of paddling with friends in a Hawaiian canoe to a deserted paradise beach that can only be reached by water. So what are you waitin’ for?!

How to get there?
Take route 27, after the last toll you have to turn right towards Jacó, then continue for about 25 min until you reach the entrance of Playa Agujas where Kayak Jacó is located.










Cost: $45/person (minimum 4)

What to bring?
Long-sleeved quick-drying shirt, swimsuit, towel, a dry bag to put your wet clothes in, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, and snacks.


We went to Playa Agujas very early to experience something totally different from what we have done, instead of kayaking all separately we decided to try the Hawaiian canoe where you can have up to 8 people at once.

When we arrived at Kayak Jacó, they treated us very well, we changed into flip-flops and swimsuit to walk to the beach where the tour began. We put our life vests on and they explained the basic safety rules and then off we went.

The canoe trip (which can also be done by kayak) is from Playa Agujas to a beautiful beach called Playa Limoncito next to Playa Mantas or Punta Leona. Something very cool about the canoe is that it is very stable because of the way it’s built, and also the work is divided perfectly among all those who go onboard (what they call teamwork). It’s also ideal for the laziest rowers to dedicate themselves to take pictures while the others paddle fiercely.

The landscape is unique since you pass the green mountain with cliffs where the waves crash against the rocks, also if you are lucky with the weather, you can see the water incredibly-transparent and even sea turtles. On the way, we made a 5 min stop in the middle of the sea and then we continued to Limoncito.

The arrival to Limoncito went smooth without much drama, we just parked and got out like pros. The beach where we arrived is small, surrounded by jungle and there is rarely anyone there since you can only get there by boat. Another thing is that since it’s not easy to access, it is quite clean, it also has garbage dumps which makes it easy to pick up the garbage that is on the beach.

After a while we went snorkeling, the guides of the canoes carry all the equipment and made it simple for us. It is awesome to snorkel here, you would not imagine that so close to civilization there is so much marine life … we saw so many colorful fish, stars and sea cucumbers.

After the snorkel, the tour guides made us a tremendous tropical fruit picnic, after the picnic we had a while to chill while we finished taking pictures and collecting trash from the beach.

It was time to row back, to Agujas, and we had the opportunity to see a turtle in the distance while we paddled, this tour is short but worth it. It is a great little adventure that is worth doing with friends or co-workers.


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