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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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This weekend we went on an awesome hike, which goes from Quepos to Manuel Antonio by mountain, walking through paths full of vegetation, breathtaking views and several beautiful beaches. This is also the route of the Manuel Antonio Extreme Challenge Race, MAE Challenge.

How to get there?
You take off from Marina Pez Vela, Quepos.
With Waze

Vehicle:Any type of vehicle, you can leave it at the marina or in front of the Pops of Quepos.

If you would like to have more information about the race, you can go to o al facebook RETO MAE

An important detail is that with the money raised in this sports activity, the Quepos Sonrisas and Esperanzas Foundation provides school supplies, shoes, uniforms, among other supplies, to the children of scarce resources in the area.

What to bring?
Comfortable shorts for walking, tennis shoes, dry fit shirt, hat and sunglasses. Sun block and if you can wear swimsuit underneath even better.

Snacks for the road and a lot of hydrating beverages.

Hike:2.5 hours with breaks to take photos and enjoy the scenery.
Difficulty:Moderate (due to the slopes and the heat of the place can generate difficulty)


We slept in Quepos, got ready and left at 6:00 am. We left the car in front of the hotel Kamuk and took the opportunity to have breakfast for champions: pinto, eggs, toasts, and coffee. We also took the opportunity to order sandwiches to take along the way.

The route starts on the Marina Pez vela, where you can also leave the car. From there you continue towards the old American zone where there are houses of the United Fruit Company that are currently used by the coastal police of Quepos. Always turning right at all junctions you have to look for the path that starts right where there is a light pole, going towards the mountain.

The route is very cool because when you go along the coast you go up the mountain where you can see some amazing views and then go down to the beaches that were observed from the mountain.

The climb starts right on the mountain with pronounced slopes full of vegetation, this makes the pain bearable and as everything that goes up has to go down, we must be very careful because the slopes of the descents are also pronounced and at that time they were slippery. During the tour there are several intersections, you always have to continue to the right because you have to go along the coast.

Many of the beaches that are passed during the tour are difficult to access so they are said to be private. They are small but beautiful beaches with the color of the sea of Manuel Antonio beaches.

You pass through several beaches, the first is Playa Macha, then Carlos López Beach, Tulemar Beach and Karolas Beach.

After Karolas beach, continue along the mountain until you reach Playa Biezans. From there you have to walk down the street until you reach the intersection where you go down to Playa Playitas and from there you walk along the main beach of Manuel Antonio until you reach the finish line at Playa Espadilla.

Since the car is left in Quepos … you can make your way back taxi or bus.


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