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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Aug 31, 2018

We went to Limón to visit and get to know Cahuita National Park from all angles, and the place is simply spectacular, it has a lot of fauna ... So if you’ve never been, don’t wait any longer and take a hike.

How to get there? Take route 32 towards Limón without exiting until you reach the city of Limón, then turn right at the gas station and go straight on until you see the sign for Cahuita National Park or Puerto Vargas.


Distance:8km round trip (depends on how much you want to walk) Difficulty:Easy Accessibility:If accessible

What to bring? Fresh clothes, tennis shoes, sandals, towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, insect repellent, change of clothes and an excellent attitude.






Cost:¢ 1000


We went on Friday afternoon to soak up in Limón and take advantage of the Saturday morning. After breakfast and getting ready we went to Cahuita National Park. This park is quite large and has 2 entrances: one for Cahuita and the other is Puerto Vargas.

The path is almost 8 km roundtrip, or if you want something easier you can do what we did. We entered through Puerto Vargas and left from Cahuita. We parked, we put on sunscreen and we prepared our stuff to go walking.

The trail is white sand super nice, it has trees that give enough shade, and the view of the Caribbean Sea with super clear water that makes you want to stay. You have to pay attention because at any moment you can see coatis, raccoons, monkeys, iguanas, and beautiful birds.

The boom of the park is to reach Punta Cahuita, here you can see Cahuita beach and you can also see part of the old port and Manzanillo on the right. In addition, there are many corals in the water so bring your own mask and snorkel (they charge $ 15 to rent that, where in a store you can get for half the price). After passing Cahuita Point we continued towards Cahuita and at some point we were hungry so we decided to have a picnic under the shade.

After the snack we went to Cahuita where we took more photos, but not before eating a delicious patty in a place called Del Rita Patty ... they say it is the best in Limón, it was incredible. After this, we went to find the bus stop (asking is easy) and after 20 minutes of waiting, one came to pick us up, so we took it and in less than 10 minutes we were at the entrance of the Puerto Vargas Station. From there we walked along some lovely trails, which are brand new, to get to where we had left the car.

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