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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Oct 10, 2018

At the beach every hour is happy hour, so we went to Brasilito to enjoy this beach to the fullest and we got a big surprise, besides getting to visit the popular and chic Conchal.Take Route 27, then take route 1 until limonal there turn left until you reach Belén, there turn left and in Huacas turn right until you get to Brasilito.


Distance: Brasilito 0km Conchal 1km from the Brasilito square. Difficulty:Easy Accessibility:Yes it is accessible

What to bring? Fresh clothes, clothes with sun protection factor, swimsuit, towel, sun glasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, sandals and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:Automobile Parking:No Pets:Yes on the beach Camping:Yes in Brasilito on the beach. Contacto: Tel: 8307-9423 [email protected]


We arrived on Saturday in the morning to Guanacaste to Villas La Paz and from there we got ready very quickly to go to spend the day at the beach. We went straight to Brasilito, we are used to going to where the plaza is, which is the busiest part, but we decided to go to the beach instead, following Trejos advice, so we continued along the path through the beach shore until we found the perfect spot to chill at. We found a great one with an Almendro tree for shade. We hung our hammock and relaxed for a while. Not a soul in sight.

After a while we decided to go for a walk to see how close we were to an island that we had in front of us, we noticed it pretty close while Trejos and I (Glori) were swimming. The small island was very small, but with super crystalline sand and Conchal beach vibe from back the day, full of thousands of shells. We were there for a little while and then swam back. We have never seen this little island so it was good to have gotten there.

When we arrived we had a picnic, Trejos had bought a delicious watermelon to kill the hunger and stay a little longer in Brasilito.

After a while we got hungry and this made us move to look for lunch, we went in search of a Ceviche in the center of Brasilito, with that and some little nibbles we went walking towards Conchal and walked a little more than 1 km until we reached a place with more shade and less people.

Conchal is a beach with white sand and a super mellow crystalline sea, like a pool, so here we enjoyed the sea, we were in the water for an hour since it was delicious, and we rested until 4: 30 because we wanted to go to Pirates Bay to see the sunset, we had heard recommendations that it was the best place in the area. It was incredible, we also arrived just in time, we saw it and after a while, the rain drove us away. So we went back to the house where we were staying to bathe and then go out to dine.

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