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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We visit Drake Bay, a tiny city located in the Osa Peninsula that is not only a super spot for ecological tourism but also serves as a gateway to the Corcovado National Park. This place adorns the province of Puntarenas with beaches of blue water and forest rich in fauna.

How to arrive?
By car, from San José, it can be about 7 hours to Drake Bay


Distance:Drake to Rincon trail 6.5km one way.

Difficulty: Moderated

Accessibility:Accessible to the beach, the path is not accessible .

What to wear?
Swimwear, fresh clothes, trail or hiking tennis, cap, sunglasses, water and snacks for walks, mosquito repellent, sun protection, and great attitude.

Vehícle: 4×4,High

Parking: Yes

Pets: Yes


For Lodging and Food contact Candy de Poorman’s Paradise in Playa Rincon de San Josecito
Tel: 88089433


$60 per night per person with food included (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
¢7000 canoe tour Río Claro


Day 1

We left at 10 am from San Jose knowing that the road is long and requires a couple of stops to eat and use the bathroom. The trip is enjoyed as the road gives clues to the greenery and the variety of trees that await us in the Osa Peninsula.

Getting there is like entering another dimension, changes in height, with each curve changes the landscape and the views of Golfo Dulce are incomparable.
Arriving at Drake after almost 8 hours, the first thing we thought was that it was worth the crossing.

We arrived at Poorman’s Paradise, a delicious dinner was waiting for us here, and as we arrived at night, we went to bed anxiously to see the landscape that surrounded us the next day. The only thing we knew was that the sea was very close because we slept lulled by the sound of the waves.

Day 2

We got up at 6:00 am, had delicious breakfast at the Poorman’s restaurant where they also prepared 3 lunch sandwiches and fruit to take away. Well loaded with the food we started the 1.5km walk along the beach and path to Rio Claro.

After passing by San Josecito Beach, we arrive at a place where they offer tours. We chose a ride up the river in Canoa with a cost of 7000 colones per person (national) that includes anti-slip shoes, a locker to store the chunches and a vest to return swimming with the current. Once ready, the guide suggested that we start the adventure by jumping to the river from a mound and how it was so hot we thought it was an excellent idea.
From the canoe, we saw different species of birds and tried to contemplate the sounds of the forest in silence. After about 2km of paddling, we put on the flotation vests and all the water. After the nerves of some, the guide assured us that in those waters there are no alligators … luckily we did not prove otherwise. The chiva of this river is that it has a very beautiful green color.

Before returning to the mouth the guide told us where to get out on some stones that lead to a series of cataracts and pools. There we made mud masks and we were stung by one or another river shrimp, good bandit. Frescoes after so much time in the water, we had lunch and started the 1.5km walk back to Poorman’s Paradise. But before we could see with a little sun the famous beach San Josecito that is one of the most famous and beautiful in the area for its color of the celestial water. There we throw a little dream we enjoy the view and continue our way back.

To close the day, we enjoyed an amazing sunset on the beach right in front of the lodge followed by another deliciously memorable dinner at their restaurant.

Day 3

We drove to Drake Bay and parked the car at a safe point near the police station to walk approximately 6.5km back to Playa Rincon (Poorman’s Paradise) with the idea of asking for a ride later to pick up our car.

The trail is an incredible mix of beaches with mountains, forests, rivers, and hanging bridges. It passes through different little hotels with tasty views and every little while we paused in little beaches to get a dip in the blue water, which added the heat, it was irresistible.

The limpets are abundant and it is good to point out that the white-faced monkeys, however tender, seem to be playing havoc with the food of the people. So after losing a couple of packets of cookies, we made sure to store everything well in the packages before we lost our way.

Doing this trail is the ideal way to get to know the essence of this coast, including the famous San Josecito beach, which is simply a paradise on this land, so we decided to sit down for 20 minutes to absorb the beauty of the beach and, of course, take a couple of pictures.

Back at our hotel, we had a star lunch that brought us back to later enjoy a sunset that showed off with yellow and violet-red tones.

Day 4
Happy everyone back to San José with new stories to share:)
Date of the trip: April 2019


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