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Albergue Socorro- Colonia Virgen de Socorro

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 2, 2018

We went to Colonia Virgen del Socorro to get into a very wild forest where we saw lots of traces of tapir and arrived at a waterfall with an epic pool.

How to get there? You have to go by Vara Blanca to the La Paz waterfalls and then continue to Colonia Virgen del Socorro in San Miguel of Sarapiquí.

Address:http://: Distance:5 km Total Difficulty: Moderate Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring? Comfortable clothes for walking, trail tennis shoes, a waterproof jacket, swimsuit, towel, a lot of repellents, sunblock, clothes to change and an excellent attitude

Vehicle:4 × 4 Parking: Yes Pets: No Contact: Jose 8820-2160 Cost:$ 15 Guided walk and lunch


We went with the raffle winners we did with the Tosh brand to a new place called Colonia Virgen in Sarapiquí, it has a confusing location because according to what Don José explained, It is exactly between Heredia and Alajuela provinces.

We arrived at the place and got ready with the necessary equipment to start the walk. It is a very very cool forest, looks pretty virgin and exotic, on the way we saw many traces of tapirs (so if you go you might see one for sure), we begin to hear an animal noise warning its friends that there were people around and after searching among the branches we realized that it was white-faced monkeys. Mister José told us to stay away, so we were not underneath them since sometimes they feel the need to throw things at people to defend their territory.

Continuing a little more we saw the first waterfall, it is a small but photogenic waterfall, then we continued a little more until we reached a very nice river, with crystal clear water, we had to go to the side of the river between stones, sand and dirt to go up to the El Altar waterfall, a medium-size waterfall between rocks and trees, very nice, it had a good pool so we got in it. The water was cold temperature just to make us feel alive and refreshed, we were there for 40 minutes, Don Jose has floaties for those who can not swim because he does not know how to either so anyone can get in and after awhile we were ready to return.

When we returned to the hostel, we put on clean and dry clothes while the smell of food made us drool; They were waiting for us with a luncheon of those delicious typical dish kind made with love! It was amazing, we were satisfied and happy, ready to head back home.

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