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San José

Normally when we think of the Central Pacific region of our country, what comes to mind is to spend the day in Punta Leona, Hermosa, Jacó, or Herradura… so we gave ourselves the task of discovering what else is in the area, to do something different QueBuenLugar style.

Kayak Needles-Blankets

How to get?
Go towards Jacó Beach, after passing the first beach seen from the street comes a gas station, from there turn right towards Agujas beach and continue 1.7 km until you reach Kayak Jacó.


Kayak Jaco $ 45 – Nationals
Includes fruits, bottled water, and snorkel equipment.
Tel. 2643-1233

What to bring?
Swimsuit, long-sleeved shirt to protect against the sun, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or cap.

3.5 hours of kayak and snorkeling tour.
There are two tour schedules, one from 8:00 am – 11:30 am and another from 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm. (Snorkeling is not guaranteed, as it depends on the sea conditions)

Bijagual Waterfall

Only an hour and a half from San Jose, It’s one of the highest waterfalls in our country, with an impressive secondary forest and the sound of the river that accompanies the walk.

How to get there?
In Bijagual de Turrubares, from the Tárcoles River bridge, it’s 10 km to Jacó where Hotel Villa Lapas is located. From that intersection, go 5km up the mountain in a dirt road until you reach the sign for the waterfall on the right.


₡ 5000 nationals
$ 20 foreigners

What to bring?
Minimum 1 liter of water for hydration, snacks for the road, swimsuit, towel, trail or hiking shoes, comfortable sportswear.

Time:1 hour to get there- 1.5 hours back.
Difficulty:Moderate- Difficult.
Vehicle:High ground clearance car, in winter only 4 × 4. (It’s a dirt road, so it varies according to the season).


We started the day very early on route 27, heading directly to Playa Agujas, there we searched for a place called Kayak Jacó, where they were waiting for us to start the tour. They gave us the basic recommendations and we headed straight to the beach with a paddle ready for adventure.

Once settled in the kayak we started paddling in super calm waters which is characteristic of the area, bordering a rock cliff with some jungle. We were surprised by the beauty of this place that 45 minutes later took us to an almost private beach, before arriving at Punta Leona, called Limoncito beach.

Taking advantage of the nice weather, we were given the equipment to snorkel next to the beach on a reef that forms in the middle of the rocks. We could see starfish and innumerable types of fish that left us amazed. Once the snorkeling session was over, we left the sea and a stack of fresh fruits and water awaited us, just what we needed to recharge our batteries and head back to our starting point in Playa Agujas.

After kayaking, we had lunch at a restaurant near Playa Agujas and then headed to this waterfall called Manantial Aguas de Vida. To get here, we took a dirt road with a steep slope towards Bijagual, we stopped at the place where the Waze link took us, there is a sign that says Catarata and we left the car in front of the entrance of the path, where the same person who controls the access takes care of the cars.

From the entrance, there are 2 km downhill with a narrow path in the middle of the forest that took us to the waterfall. This waterfall is about 200 meters high. It is not the classic cascade that falls directly into a pool of water since it is distributed in a width of 15 meters, the fall disperses against some slippery rocks (be careful) and then a river is formed.

The path back has intersections that lead to some very beautiful pools of water tucked into the jungle, ideal for bathing, rest a bit, eat some snacks and prepare for the way back.

Turning back is a bit more complicated because the ascent is quite intense and it takes a good amount of time to return to the car. Near the entrance, there are showers that are necessary to remove the sweat that invades the body after the climb back. It’s very humid.

At the end of the trip to seal the deal, we went to Gaucalillo beach to watch the sunset, on top of some awesome looking cliffs.

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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