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Costa Rica is a very privileged country where more than 25% of our territory is part of the National Parks System, yes that’s pretty awesome. That is why it’s not necessary to go far to get lost among protected forests, beaches, and wetlands; And that’s also why we have to continue taking care of our home and enjoy this beautiful country.

Barra Honda National Park
The most important caves in the country are found here, an amazing place with the best view of the Gulf of Nicoya and its mountains.

Chirripo National Park
The cone and the coolest place of all Costa Rica, an intense hike, impressive views to stones, mountains and lagoons. An experience that every ‘tico’ should do.

Manuel Antonio National Park
This is one of the most famous national parks to join Costa Rica and it’s because it’s a beautiful beach, and trails between mountains, monkeys and other animals are you can see.

Corcovado National Park
From this epic park we knew saw a wee bit, and still managed to see so many birds, monkeys, and even a tapir. Still, we are eager to do the full round tour spending the night in Sirena.

Irazú National Park
A perfect stroll for those who want to spend a Sunday near the city, to be at the edge of the crater, to release stress with views and unique paddocks, just to get out of the routine.

Prusia Sector
This forest has become increasingly famous for being so photogenic, are 16km of trails to travel and enjoy breathing the mountain air.

Arenal National Park
The highlight of this park is undoubtedly the imposing Arenal volcano, the national park has trails between forests and you can reach a viewpoint from where if you are lucky you can see this iconic volcano.

Ballena National Marine Park
This park is famous for the whale season, where there is practically a show of whales and dolphins, you can also enjoy the beaches, go to the famous whale tail and snorkel.

Tortuguero National Park
This is a small Caribbean town, isolated from civilization with incredible wildlife between canals and trails. One of the most important national parks in Costa Rica.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park
The Rincon de la Vieja National Park is another level of hiking with incredible landscapes, where we toured the two main trails that are Las Pailas and the famous La Cangreja waterfall.

Tapantí National Park
This national park has one of the coolest and cleanest rivers in the country. Perfect place to snooze for a minute, breathe fresh air, walk and unplug without being too far from the city.

Santa Rosa National Park
In the Santa Rosa National Park, you can visit the historic Casona de Santa Rosa, Mirador de Los Héroes from where you can see the Guanacaste mountain range, a couple of trails and the Playa Naranjo sector a very chic beach where the emblematic Peña Bruja exists.
The camping area of Santa Rosa is awesome, you sleep sheltered by giant trees and surrounded by dry forest where you can see several deer and birds. It has sanitary services, showers, spaces with a washbasin and a bbq grill for the use of visitors.

Palo Verde National Park
There is nothing like the mouth of the Tempisque River, just 20 km from Bagaces is one of the largest wetlands in our country. The Palo Verde National Park is very important for migratory birds that use this space to feed or reproduce. It has multiple paths that lead to different hills where you can see a surprisingly particular landscape.

Barva Volcano National Park
The largest volcano in Central America (in volume), just 35 km from San José, trails await you for good hiking in the midst of dense vegetation.

Juan Castro Blanco National Park – Pozo Verde
This park is known as Water Park and when you go there and walk around you realize why It has this name, there are water streams everywhere. The pools of volcanic origin with emerald waters and a depth of 15 meters.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve
This is the most important nature reserve in the country and also of the most beautiful after trails in the middle of a forest full of fauna you will reach a paradisiacal beach. Cabo Blanco was our first reserve and thanks to this initiative is that today we have so many protected areas.

Bosque del Niño Grecia
Hidden in Grecia is one of those places full of nature, with a charming forest that looks like a home for elves. It has a camping area, ranches for a picnic, soccer field, trails, and a waterfall.

Curú Wildlife Refuge
This place is such an epic paradise that it’s difficult to describe, it is an accessible wildlife sanctuary, full of life with trails that lead to forests and incredible beaches, also has toured for all tastes …. and best of all, it’s a hop away on the ferry.

Isla del Caño Biological Reserve
An incredible place to learn a little more marine life, one of the best places to dive in Costa Rica. The island has a viewpoint with a view of the wild sea.

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