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Guide to conquer the Chirripó

This post is the solution for all those who are training to meet that goal of climbing or accomplishing an important hike inside or outside the country. It is important to practice, test the equipment, know your abilities and limitations. As well as, improve your physical condition to be able to enjoy the path. 

Below we present a list of hikes in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most Viking, and all in places that are simply awesome. 


Escape Poasito 
A perfect place in the mountains of Poasito for all those who love to go for a walk, picnic and hike in a great place, with a waterfall and trails that have a lovely panoramic view. Do not think twice and take a hike to this great place!

La Cayetana

A great place with beautiful trails, full of colors and unique details. The best thing, very close to San José and it is perfect to start hiking with family and friends.

Iyok Ami

We returned to Cerros de la Muerte, this time to see the trails of Iyok Ami that are tucked into a forest, where the landscape changes constantly, you feel magic, seriously those forests are out of a fairy tail, the only thing missing is for the fairies to come out.

Finca 6 Maravillas 
Puriscal always looks good and we went to a beautiful farm in the mountains of Puriscal where you can enjoy 6 wonders. From the Guatuso cross with an incredible view to a perfect waterfall to cool off. A perfect plan for those who like to walk.

Cerro Encanto and Aranjuez River Canyon 
In the mountains of Miramar de Puntarenas are the majestic Aranjuez River Canyon and El Encanto hill, a unique combination with a view of the Gulf of Nicoya and a walk that will leave you impressed and with your tongue hanging out.

Cerro Danta
A place to walk full of mud and nature where you can breathe fresh air close to the city. It also has some beautiful waterfalls. It is located in Heredia in the limits of the Braulio Carrillo National Park.


The mountains of Cariblanco is one of those places that are the perfect combo, within the GAM, you walk a little, it has incredible views, it has a picnic area, you can take dogs, it has a beautiful waterfall and an area with pools to splash around. Don’t think about it anymore and take a walk to Santa Ana!


Senderos de Colón

Is a place with a wide variety of trails, it is super safe if you want to go alone, super cool and perfect for training near the city.

San Gerardo Estate 
It is a very cool farm after San Ramón with a delicious waterfall, it also has many kilometers of trails to walk and enjoy.

Barva volcano 
This volcano is the largest in Central America (in volume), just 35 km from San José, trails through dense vegetation await you, where we assure you will enjoy a good day of hiking.

barva volcano

La Angelina 
La Angelina is a private farm with more than 20 kilometers of trails. It is located in Ochomogo, a great place, safe, close and with plenty of trails for all tastes.

Cerro Ventolera 
The edge of La Ventolera extends to Pico Blanco de Escazú, it is a perfect place near San José to train to climb a bigger hill. Of course, it is recommended to go with a guide since it is easy to get lost.

Pico Blanco 
This is the most challenging and visited hill in San José, it has almost 1 km of positive slope that makes it unique in its kind. There are those who say that just by climbing this hill every week we can reach Everest… but keep in mind that it is also recommended to go up with a guide or someone you know well.

It is part of the Irazú National Park, Prusia has 16 km of trails to walk near 2900 meters above sea level, perfect for training and enjoying surrounded by nature.

Cerro Dragon 
This place has a super powerful walk of 13km to reach the famous Cerro Dragón in the Legua de los Naranjo in Aserrí. Something awesome is the community, among all those involved from the food to the guides make this ride something unique. 


Laguna de Colores 

 This place located on the slopes of the Irazú volcano hides a unique natural treasure, besides that to get there you have to go down 9.5 km (19 km total) quite technical that will put you to the test. 

Por: Qué Buen Lugar

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