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Places very close San Jose ideal to spend the day and best of all … without spending much.

Bosque de la Hoja: Bosque de la Hoja in San Rafael de Heredia is super nice, whether it’s to go walk, picnic, vegetate or chill … this place is ideal.

Poza Pénjamo: Right around the corner is a natural pool with a waterfall included, very beautiful and perfect to spend a day outdoors.


La Muralla Waterfall: On the way to Turrialba, there is a wild waterfall between paddocks, ideal for walking and swimming.

Cerro Danta: From Monte de la Cruz keep going up, where the street ends, there are some paths that lead to impressive places, so let yourself be carried away by your instinct of adventure and discover this beautiful place.

The Ventolera: This field has the most epic view of the central valley, so escape for a bit and check out this place that is super close to the city.

Cerro Caricias: In the mountains of San Isidro of Heredia is a private estate with trails and picnic areas, It also has trails of little to no difficulty so that everyone can join.

Prusia: This place does not go out of style, and to take a walk and vegetate you will not find another one like it.

 Bosque del Niño: This is a tiny bit more than an hour away, but it’s worth it … One of its trails leads to a waterfall and is super cool for walking and picnicking, it is also a National Park.



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