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Cerros de Costa Rica

It is no secret to anyone that climbing mountains has something that makes it addictive, perhaps it is that combination of fatigue, an effort that is later rewarded with amazing views and the physical sensation of a pro mountaineer. So take a look at your agenda and schedule all the hikes you want to conquer in 2020!

Chirripó Hill

The famous Chirripó, we know that this one has to be the goal for many people, set a date, reserve and start training because this peak is one of the coolest places in all of Costa Rica. Getting here was highly anticipated for us, and that is why we wanted to share with you our complete experience, from how to book and lodge, to packing all the stuff / clothes / accessories that we carry to reach the top without suffering in the attempt.

Cerro Buenavista

To get to this hill, we left San Gerardo de Dota and took a hike from the Savegre River to the Cerro de la Muerte antennas … more than 1300 m of positive elevation gain passing through unbelievable landscapes for those who want a new challenge or train to climb the Chirripó.

Cerro Dragon

From Tarbaca up there is the Legua de Los Naranjo where you will be welcomed by very special people who have helped the town forward with rural tourism accompanied by the most delicious homemade food in the world. It is a steep climb but as always it is worth every step the hill is incredible with spectacular views for almost the entire way.

Cerro Utyum

We went to Olán in Buenos Aires from Puntarenas to conquer the top of Cerro Utyum, the road was one of the most challenging that we have done, we left at dawn the level of steepness was crazy but despite the suffering it was pleasant… the landscape seems from another world, really a mystical and unparalleled place. So do not hesitate to visit Olán and contribute to the local economy.

Cerro El Encanto

We went to San Buenaventura de Puntarenas and we had a blast hiking with the best view of the Gulf of Nicoya, imagine how beautiful it is that they call it El Encanto, meaning The enchantment!

Cerro Cedral and Cruz de Alajuelita

Can you imagine sunrise ascending with the best view of the Central Valley and all its volcanoes? Well, we went hiking with the Brujo Tours compass through the mountains of Escazú and the experience was epic, this is the same mountains we see when we drive on highway Circunvalación .

Pico Blanco

We went again to one of the most awesome hills of San José… aha we are talking about Pico Blanco! But this time we went to the side of La Ventolera and you have no idea how great it is … so don’t think twice and go for a walk.

Cerro Ojo de Agua

You had to return to Legua de los Naranjos but this time to see two other impressive spots that can be done together or separately. One of them is a hill with a wicked view and the other is a waterfall with a combo of 3 waterfalls.

Cerro Pelado

The famous Cerro Pelado, I imagine that even if you haven’t gone you´ve probably seen it on Instagram. For this ride hold on tight, because the landscape you are going to see is from another planet, and the windmill that hits it is the closest thing to a free fall with your feet on the ground.

Cerro Tinajitas

We can’t just live off waterfalls, we need the sights too! So we went for a walk to San Ramón de Alajuela “Capital of the world, branch of heaven and heart of the Universe.” We visited this very cool hill, which is one of the highest points in San Ramón, it is easily accessible and with 360⁰ views, perfect for a Sunday to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Hills of Escazú

It seems incredible that without leaving San José we come across such great places. You can see this if you go to the mountains of Escazú, where after some tremendous views of the valley we discovered a waterfall in the middle of an almost enchanted forest.

Cerro Yarcazú

This walk was a blast, we went to the least visited national park in Costa Rica, we climbed the mountain with the best view of the Central Pacific, and the best thing is that we met an isolated, united community that fights for conservation together with many volunteers.

Cerro Iztarú

A few days ago we were invited to Iztarú, this hill is like an outdoor amusement park for the whole family and it is really incredible. It has several trails including one that reaches a hill that has the best view in the area.

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