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In ‘Qué Buen Lugar’ we got all romantic and decided to bring you recommendations of places where you can go with bae and you won’t come off as a loser.

1. La Ventolera:Just imagine a picnic in one of the most awesome paddocks overlooking San Jose, you can fly kites, snuggle and slide down the hills with cardboard if you’re into that.

2. Toro Amarillo:Be amazed together in front of a giant waterfall, very accessible, and great to get out of the routine and reach the foot of one of the most epic places in Costa Rica. * closed on Sundays ☹

3. Prusia Forest:Cuddle in the cold of the mountain with forests perfumed with pine and eucalyptus, discover the trails in forests that captivates visitors with its charm. And then finish your walk with a picnic on the grass… all that romantic crap.

4. Laguna Manuel:At the top of a hill there is a lovely lake, surrounded by cypresses that create a super chill and cozy space, great for a Sunday without going too far from home.

5. Playa Minas:Setup a hammock facing the sea in one of the most beautiful hidden beaches of Guanacaste, hidden between Pirates Bay and Conchal is this gem.

6. Parapente Caldera:Since sharing with your bae is not just about vegetating, we invite you to dare to fly, letting emotion and adrenaline do its thing.

Por: Qué Buen Lugar

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