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Some time ago, we discovered this town in which waterfalls spring literally everywhere…and all of them are awesome. They have colors orange, sky blue, turquoise and even taste like club soda!

These are the places we have visited in Bajos del Toro:

Cataratas Las Gemelas: They’re a combo of tremendous sky blue waterfalls which beauty can drive you crazy. 

Catarata Tesoro Escondido: It is a turquoise river with waterfalls and pools out of this world!

Catarata Toro Amarillo: This was the first waterfall we visited in the area. With no hesitation, this was the tallest, biggest, and best known in Bajos del Toro.

Catarata Río Agrio: A super cool waterfall with a peculiar taste. You can also find nearby fabulous pools of an intense sky blue.

Paraíso de Manantiales: A walk downriver in a real water paradise… Go, discover, and enjoy each of them. They’re astonishing.

Vuelta del Cañón
We recommend this one to the adventurer who’s looking for more than a walk, but a challenge in a spectacular place.

** Bonus #1- Need more adventure?… Really close from Bajos del Toro!

Laguna del Hule
This stunning place shows 3 volcanic lagoons submerged in an awesome forest. It also has camping areas and bungalows nearby.

**Bonus #2 – Filling up…

In front of JSM gas station, in San Miguel of Sarapiqui, there is a restaurant called Los Gallitos, where they sell ribs out of this world.

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