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And they adventured off together…

The month most awaited by many lovers of love and nature has arrived. The best thing is that Viking Cupid kept his wings, put on adventure clothes, his rubber boots and left the arrows to continue making adventurous couples.

Don’t worry, don’t panic, there are also options for friends, this guy doesn’t forget anyone as long as they get to know Costa Rica. So, here we leave you perfect recommendations for those couples, friendships, open relationships, those trapped in the friend zone (last chance) or even the forever alones at least have a good time in nature. So cheer up, there is nothing to lose, if you do not get a kiss or at least a “thank you, that was nice” we will give you back your money.

Guiones and Pelada Beach

This area is romantic by nature, this beach is quiet since not alot of people go, it has calm waves, perfect for those kisses in the sea. Guiones has the best sunsets and the truth is that that does not fail, the colors of the sky, in the sea, you and I, here, together. There is no way to lose, unless you get close to the surfers there if you are ready they will go to the top. And if you want everything to be rosy there is the secret Pink Beach that to get there you have to go through the reefs and there will only be You – Me and our hormones having a party, the perfect combination but calm down, it does not end with that, if you go to Nomadic Nosara, the rest is history … if you reproduce you can name your baby after “Gloria, Karlita, Treji or Tavis¨. We´ll let ya choose the one you prefer.

Canyon of Aranjuez

This place is amazing to say the least! It looks like the states because it seems like Arizona or something like that, but with an affordable budget. You should take advantage of this place, also the photos are incredible and surely you´ll have many likes in Insta, in case the person is still not interested.


The love hotel is the perfect combination between looking adventurous and being very comfortable, because it is an epic glamping. With this you can’t fail, you can even propose here if needed. And if they’re into yoga and all that stuff they will fall in love more and more.

Rana Roja

This place has a charm, an X factor that makes it special. If you go with a partner, you will feel so at home. But the best thing, if you are forever alone and you have to celebrate only there, they will treat you better than your partner would.


This is the place for couples who like a quiet picnic-like plan, it’s gorgeous. So bring everything to make the most romantic picnic you have ever seen, the wine, the cheeses and all those things that I do not know what they are called (like in the movies or on pinterest). But if you´re like me, paté with bread, something basic and carry that with a thermos with coffee or chocolate so as not to pretend something that is not. That does not fail, trust the power of the paté. In summary, you´ll see a smile here and there, then some cuddling and subtle hints for that kiss (note: bring gum because paté breath is not pleasant).

Fraijanes Lagoon

Another place for lovers of the classic but beautiful, it is close to the city and you can take everything for a casual romantic picnic. It also has a beautiful pine forest, which is the sexiest, so take advantage of the romantic nature around you and make your moves.


The Angelina

This plan is very versatile because you can do it walking, running or cycling. It is nearby San José. This is your plan: take them on a relaxed date, like if it´s not really well planned, but pack the whole kit of love: sandwiches cut in the shape of a heart, something red or pink to drink, a cookie and a packet of Kisses. When you drive up the road about 4-5 km, there is a dreamy pasture, with a tree that when you see it you will want to get married there. Anyways, sit under the tree, enjoy the views, enjoy the company and take it all in. After eating, take out the Kisses and ask: you want a kiss? and in that moment of confusion booommm tongues in, tongues out. You’re welcome … I hope you invite me to the wedding.

Hawaiian Canoe Playa Agujas (for friends)

For those Valentine haters, for those who are still just friends, plan a group trip, with those you like the best and go to Agujas Beach to row in a Hawaiian canoe as a whole team, it is an adventure combo because you get to Limoncito beach and there they snorkel, then go to the beach and eat something and back. It is a super fun plan and you never know, you just might find love.

Poza Los Abuelos

Don’t be scared by the name, millennials can go too. This plan is for those people that want to be adventurers. Just imagine this, going through Braulio Carrillo, from things start to get wild, you have to cross the classic Caribbean rainforest and then you get to a  beautiful spring, those that are freezing, a little hug here, hand holding there, eyes lock, lips half open and boom first peck … and all this inside a cave, not even in Temptation Island.


Macaw lodge

This is a beautiful hotel in the middle of the mountains of the Central Pacific, so rest assured that not even the most jealous father-in-law will find them. Perfect for getaways. A cozy place, with a very cool waterfall and impressive gardens. So hold on, because you´re going to fall head over heels.

Verde Malakita

Another plan for those lazy couples that don’t feel like walking but want to go to a cool place. For this place to be a perfect date you have to arrive at 8 am on the dot otherwise it is not so romantic. But hey once there the waterfall has a beautiful emerald color but it is cold. As you all know, it is the perfect excuse to get in, snuggling in the cold water, and if you don’t get anything there then throw in the towel and get to know Costa Rica.

Dos Novillos Waterfall

This place is impressive. It is a place for Viking conquests but when you reach that waterfall there is no way to fail, it is almost like the end of the hike you´re so happy that you’d want to give that person a kiss. After that walk, you will have a great story to tell your children.

El Angel Gabriel Waterfall

This waterfall is ideal to introduce the couple to the world of adventure without the risk of complaining of fatigue. It has beautiful views of the road and a very cool waterfall. After going through the pools, do a romantic picnic, lock eyes and lips, the most adventurous kiss…

And they adventured off together…

And if you want to continue romanticizing all year long, we have more ideas here… Persevere and you will win!

Por: Qué Buen Lugar

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