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We think that any trip improves drastically if we take our best friends … and by best friends we mean our dogs :).

So here is a list of very cool places to enjoy with your pet without worrying about cars or anything else.

The physical condition of Dog
* Gets easily tired
** Can handle a hike
*** Straight up Viking dog

Pico Blanco
This trek, very close to San José, is hard and demanding, but with a panoramic award from the Central Valley, it is simply epic. Whether for training or exploring, this peak is spectacular.

Laguna del Hule

A lovely walk, you go down to a giant and refreshing lagoon, perfect for a dip. Ideal for beginners of 2 and 4 legs.

Laguna Manuel

An excellent place to spend the day as a couple or family in front of a dreamy lake. The cool mountain climate along with the flat topography combined makes for an enjoyable day. You can also camp.

Piedra de Fuego (Firestone)

It is an awesome property in Esparza where there is a circular path that will make you sweat while making stops in the rivers that cross the farm.

ICE farm

Right there in Tres Ríos (for those from San Jose), there is a public estate that is epic, ideal to exercise and breathe fresh air while getting lost in the trails.

La Ventolera (Windbreaker)
Cataloged as the coolest paddock in Costa Rica, this spot lives up to its name with a strong breeze and always overlooking the Central Valley.

Cerro Pelado
This place is our top favorite, It needs no filters. It is also amazing at any time and day of the year. The hike is steep at the beginning but then just let yourself be carried away by the roller coaster of mountains that will take you to where you decide to sit down to a picnic.

In the hills of La Carpinteria there is a safe and beautiful place to walk, camp, play and vegetate … all this in one place!

Cruz de Guatuso
In the Puriscal mountains, there are paddocks with wicked views and if you want to walk and sweat there is a delicious waterfall that will surprise you.

Territory of Zaguates
If you want to join your dog to a spectacular herd, do not hesitate to take them to the mountains of Barva de Heredía for a walk. Here you can not only walk, but you can adopt and donate to the most incredible rescued dog shelter in the world.

Piedra de Minero (Miner’s Stone)
The mountains of southern San José have incredible trails in their mountains joining mystical places like La Piedra del Minero. So don’t hesitate any longer and go discover this place.

Cerro Danta
A unique place where the water and the mountain come together in a super tour that everyone will absolutely enjoy.

Nauyaca Waterfall
This may be the most paradisiacal waterfall in the jungle of the South Pacific, and after a hot day who would not want to swim in a natural pool … especially the dogs.

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