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We are still impressed by the number of waterfalls in Costa Rica, so we made another list of our favs that we have visited recently.

1. Blue Well Waterfall

It is a majestic giant waterfall and the king of all of the Bajo del Toro area, and in the upper part, it has multiple waterfalls and nice pools to have a great time.

2. Malakite green

Just 1 hour from San Jose is a paradise with great potential, with the advantage that the pools and waterfalls are a few meters from where the car is left.

3. Ecochontales

For those who think that size does matter … this giant cascade is surrounded by jungle, it looks like this scenery was taken from Jurassic Park located between Pérez Zeledón and Dominical.

4. The Swallows

Guácimo (not as far as it sounds) is where this cascade is located, this one is perfect to me, the size is large, crystal clear water, stones to vegetate, exuberant nature and without dew so it keeps your things dry.

5.Catarata de Namú

This waterfall is super wide and paradisiacal, to get there you do not have to walk very far and you have enough space to play a soccer match (kidding … it would be very dangerous to screw up your leg).


This is just an hour and a half away from San Jose and has about 5 different waterfalls to visit and swim at … in the end, you will be eager to return.

7. Olán
Hidden in the mountain of Buenos Aires of Puntarenas hides this natural wonder that everyone should visit.

8. El Paraíso
Nothing cooler than seeing a coffee farm in the process of becoming a natural attraction in the area. This is how a whole family decided to open their doors to the public. This place has it all, perfect to spend an excellent day outdoors.

9. San Alejo and El Ángel
In Alequiría de Siquirres you will find totally free waterfalls that are really nice and worth visiting.

10. Montesky
This farm near San José is nearby Orosi, It’s a mountain full of life, positive energy and waterfalls to visit walking.

11. Vista Real
More than a beautiful waterfall in Cerro de la Muerte, it is a growing rural tourism project which is integrating several families in the area in favor of conservation.

12. San Gerardo
This farm is after San Ramón and has more than 10 km of trails to train at and once you’re done training there is better than refreshing at this lovely waterfall.



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