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5km - 10km

Finca La Cayetana

We went for a bunch of trails very close to San José, perfect to start hiking with family and friends. How to get there? To get there, you can go through Patarrá or Tejar del Guarco until you reach the upper part in Coris de Cartago. Waze: Distance: 5km total Difficulty: Easy Accessibility: Not …

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Finca 6 Maravillas

Puriscal always looks good and we went to a beautiful farm in the mountains of Puriscal where you can enjoy 6 wonders. From the Guatuso cross with an incredible view to a perfect waterfall to cool off. A perfect plan for those who like to hike. 

Finca La Colasa

We went to the mountains of Sacramento de Heredia to visit one of the places to see the best sunsets, perfect for camping and spending time with the family. How to get there? The address is Sacramento de Barva de la soda La Campesina on the left about 200 meters, the farm is on the …

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We went to see the Fortuna of Bagaces to see Rio Perdido (The lost river) that has absolutely everything … from trails that lead to mountains with amazing views to rivers with hot springs, stone canyons full of adventures to live unique and unforgettable experiences. How to get there? Go towards Guanacaste along the Northern …


El Indio Waterfall

We went to one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in the country, the El Indio Waterfall located in Puriscal and it is a cool place to take a walk.

Barbilla National Park

We went to visit the Barbilla National Park, an exaggeratedly beautiful and pure place… while here, the Cabécar indigenous people guided us into a little explored jungle that hides the most beautiful waterfalls and cascades we have ever seen. So take a hike to this place, this gem from the National Park.

Metaponto Waterfall

We visited what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls we have seen in the 6 years since launching Que Buen Lugar, we´re talking about the Metaponto Waterfall in Sabalito de Cotobrus. How to get there? You have to head to San Vito de Coto Brus, you can get there by the …

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Catamarán Golfo Dulce

We went sailing with whales for 2 days in the one and only Golfo Dulce! Definitely an unforgettable experience that everyone should live atleast once. How to get there? There are two ways to get there: 1) A local flight from Sansa lasts 1 hour. 2) Take the Costanera Sur until you reach Piedras Blancas, …

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La Esmeralda Waterfall

Taking advantage of the fact that we are exploring the most beautiful waterfalls of Sabalito, we went to swim and enjoy Coto Brus for the Emerald Waterfall … A waterfall with emerald pools that we enjoyed to the fullest despite the fact that it was raining like crazy. How to get there? You have to …

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Salto del Ángel Waterfall

We went to Sabalito de Coto Brus to discover one of the most wonderful waterfalls we have seen in recent years. It is El Salto del Ángel and it is a simply spectacular place. How to get there? You have to get to San Vito de Cotobrus, you can get there by the Costanera Sur …

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