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Playa Carrillo

We went to one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Costa Rica… With millions of palm trees to hang hammocks and 2 kilometers of white sand, Playa Carrillo in Guanacaste is a perfect place to enjoy with family and friends. So we took advantage of the discounts with the BAC Credomatic cards (discounts …

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Playa Virador

We went to one of the most beautiful beaches close to Liberia, it is Playa Virador… a paradise tucked into the Papagayo Peninsula complex.

Iguanita Beach

A couple of months ago we visited one of the most beautiful and crystalline beaches of Guanacaste, called Playa Iguanita, just 30 minutes from Liberia. How to get there? Take Route 1 towards Guanacaste Waze: Distance: free Difficulty: Easy Accessibility: Yes it is accessible What to bring? Comfy light clothes, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, trail …

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Cabuyal Beach

We went to one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Guanacaste…  Playcalled Cabuyal and it’s only half an hour from Liberia! How to get there? To get there, take route one towards Liberia, then turn left for about 20 minutes until you reach the intersection on the right to go to the Gulf …

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La Asunción Hill

The Cerro de la Muerte hides a lot of incredible places such as Cerro Asunción, a free place next to the street, perfect for a Sunday and walking with the best panoramic views. So don’t think twice and take a hike.   How to get there? Take Route 2 towards the Cerro de la Muerte …

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Suecos Beach

We went to visit a paradisiacal beach tucked in the Malpaís forest called Playa Suecos (also known as Playa Cuevas) and we stayed in one of the most romantic hotels we have ever stayed at. How to get there? Take highway 27, exit to the port in Puntarenas and then we arrive at the Paquera …

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Playa Prieta – Guanacaste

We went to the Guanacaste area to check out Playa Prieta … a small paradisiacal beach with easy access, nice shade, white sand and clear water perfect for swimming. You have to go to Playa Potrero, passing through the Amistad bridge, Nicoya, Santa Cruz, Huacas, Brazilito until you pass the soccer field of the town …

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Río Picagres – San José

Of the most beautiful walks are those that remind us of our childhood, the one we did 2 weeks ago was one of those. We went on a Sunday to the side of the Picagres River in the Canton of Mora, a place with delicious pools and even a waterfall perfect to spend an excellent …

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Cerro Espíritu Santo – Naranjo

We went for a walk to the famous viewpoint of the Espiritu Santo Hill in Naranjo … a completely free place, with an incredible view and easily accessible for a Sunday trip without going too far from the city. How to get there? Waze: What to bring? Fresh clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, food to …

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Playa Conejera – Guanacaste

We ventured out to discover this hidden paradise between Playa Grande beach and Piratas, getting there is not easy but the challenge is worth the adventure. Take the street that goes to Pirates Bay (Playa Real) and after this beach, follow the road to the left for about 10 more minutes. The road is not …

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