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The underworld you cannot miss and especially in a country like this one … that has it all!

1. We live in a true paradise it is easy to travel and we are a country that besides being green, it is also blue, that is, under the water, there are spectacular things that you have to see and experience. Besides, it is such a small country that in one day we can reach any beach, do several epic dives and return home for the night or the next day!

2. Many think that doing this is very expensive or that it is only for explorers like Jacques Cousteau, but it is really super accessible, and the experiences that you are going to have are simply epic. It’s worth every penny, the feeling of being floating is like flying in the water and seeing so many things that you’re not used to is incredible.

3. We have incredible dive sites, and all have their stars… for example, Glori went to the Murcielago Islands and dived with giant stingrays and bull sharks … we were in Caño Island among a whitetip shark mollusk simply spectacular … Also, We have dived in Coco beaches and there are many more places like Las Catalinas or the Caribbean and of course the Keylor Navas of the diving places La Isla del Coco.

4. Another point in favor is the temperature of the water this is warm most of the year and perfectly one can be sent to the water without a wetsuit and nothing bad is going to happen. That is a great advantage because there are many places in the world that can not be done in jest. And also if you on yourself nobody will realize hahaha.

5. We have the advantage that our seas are healthy that’s why we still have a lot of reefs where we can get lost (in a good way) between labyrinths of corals full of colorful fish, big enough schools that move like a 3D cloud, you can see sharks of various types (they don’t do anything) stingrays, turtles and they say that you can even the little mermaid if you’re lucky .

6. Something that gives security is that we have diving centers throughout the country some more prepared than others … but most with much experience, so we chose Ocean Adventure Center that we thought were super professional, the tours are very complete and also after the expedition you feel like you made friends for life.


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