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Whenever we think of the Chirripó the first thing that comes to mind is what to wear?
So here is a list of what we think you should bring, a list for women and one for men.

When we went, we slept two nights in the shelter and sent all our things with the carriers, this package is delivered the days before boarding, so ideally you should have the packages ready.


Backpack# 1 –To be used at the hotel in San Gerardo de Rivas and then stored in the car for use when you return.
Backpack# 2 –The one you take with you when you climb.
Backpack# 3 –The one you send to Chirripó.

Backpack# 1 – Hotel
Outfit to wear for hiking
Long Lycra or leggins
Sleeveless shirt
Dark glasses
Jacket Waterproof and/or windbreaker
Shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant (to bathe before going up and when it returns)
A complete change of clothes to change when you return.

Backpack# 2 – to take
2 Bottles of water or Camelbak (if you have an insulated take it to take hot things)
Sunscreen and Chapstick
Energy gummies like sports beans or ProBar (2 packages)
Chocolates / guayabitas
4 granola bars
1 sandwich
2 sachets of moisturizing powder drink
Basic medicine: muscular and digestive, band-aids and Vaseline
Camera and cell phone chargers
Toothbrush and paste.

Backpack# 3 – to send with carrier guys
Socks (minimum 3) – ideally special to run to avoid blisters.
Warm socks to sleep with
Lycra thermal / diver or something hot to sleep
1 hiking pants, a lightweight towel that dries fast.
2 Lycra for walking
Calzones and tops
3 short sleeve or sleeveless shirts
Head flashlights
Microfiber cloth
Extra tennis (in case the others get wet)
Crocs, slippers or something comfortable and warm to be in the shelter.
Winter jacket
Lightweight long sleeve shirt/fleece or sweater
Winter Cap
Soap, deodorant

When you arrive at the shelter, pick up your backpack, get some strength, take a bath and put on whatever warm clothes you brought with you.

The next day you take advantage and get up early to see the sunrise, this is the coldest moment, so this is where you have to wear all those winter clothes that we describe or use many layers of trousers, shirts, jackets, sweaters, etc. But the idea is to wear a short-sleeve shirt underneath or to put on later when the sun comes out and heat strikes.

To descend we used leggings, short sleeve shirts, and jackets.

Now the summary for the guys:
Walking shoes
Shoes for the shelter
Pants (leggings) for walking (1 per day)
Pants for shelter (1)
Socks for walking (at ease)
Socks for shelter (1 pair)
Shirt for a hostel (1)
Walking shirts (1 per day)
Thick coat (for dawn)
Gloves (for dawn)
Sweater for shelter
Fleece to walk
Waterproof windbreaker
Winter cap or beanie
Walking hood (thick)
Scarf- bandana
Dark glasses
Poles trekking
Headlamp (focus)
New batteries
Dry bag -Drybag
Charger for camera and cell
Bathroom kit
Toilet paper
Personal medicines *
First aid kit (flu, inflammatories)
Snacks (seeds, bars, dehydrated fruit)
Cash – to buy things at the shelter
* In the shelter there’s towels, blankets, sleeping bag

And if you want to see all the details of our walk to Chirripo click here


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