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Whenever we leave our comfort zone, it becomes difficult for us to know what we are going to have to face… but there are certain recommendations that you simply can not ignore, they are basic to have a pleasant experience.

– Do not wear jeans: if you have to walk more than 500 meters … the typical mistake that many make in the first walks until it rains … because it is made of cotton, it absorbs water and it takes a lot to dry, which translates in weight, friction, and discomfort.
They sell suitable lightweight, comfortable polyester clothes, they dry up with the wind, they protect from UV rays and make you look like Bear Grills.

– Cheap is expensive: it is worth spending money on clothes, gadgets, rain jackets, sleeping, camping tents, etc. Comfort and safety always come into play when we leave civilization and it is better not to take risks.

– Research the destination: either to know what clothes to carry, how much food to load, plan your departure time and other things that could allow you to take advantage of your destination.

– First aid kit: it is always good to carry your medicines, band-aids, tweezers, gauze, repellent, sunblock, etc. Either way, it doesn’t weigh anything and it’s better to pack it than to need it.

– Toilet paper or wet wipes can become the best ally of the explorer… it is super useful and can prevent a sock necessity.

– Food and hydration: hydration is good during any walk, it is recommended from 600ml to 1L per hour of exercise, it is also necessary to bring snacks, some ideas: raisins, seeds, and dehydrated fruits are great because they do not weigh much.

– New shoes: do not make the serious mistake of using your new boots in your walk, it is important to know that the most suitable shoe is the one that you tried and used previously outside of an adventure that will avoid the painful blisters that could play a trick on you.

– Early birds get the worm: it is not new that in the tropics it rains afternoon, so it is better to leave early and enjoy the day fully. Calculate how long it takes to reach your destination and thus be able to take advantage of the place.

– Do not get creative: the trails are there to follow them unless you want to have your 15 minutes of fame on TV because you went missing on the mountain.



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