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I was talking to a friend a few days ago and he had such a look of satisfaction that made me ask a common question, how was that day? How are you doing? – and he answered everything’s fine -no complaints, the day passed super fast today!

And it was then that I started thinking about that and it is not the first time I hear the same answer, and what’s so good about living a fleeting day? What makes days and years pass fast is a common, harmful and dangerous disease, and this is called routine.

I understand that our lives are confined in a schedule that has to be fulfilled, because every day we get up, have coffee, read the newspaper, go to work, check the mail, etc. Are we cruelly destined to be routine worker robots until we reach our retirement age? I strongly think not, and it is up to us to do something to change and improve the quality of our days.

We live in a very privileged country, we can discover a horizon full of possibilities in countless places. I speak of going out to know the world, taking space out of the routine to get out of it and feel alive.

The weekends are the perfect space to make a variation of the routine, go for a walk to a nearby mountain, take risks and try the unknown. This creates new experiences, which become unique moments that we can not explain to anyone. Only by living them will you know what I am talking about.

In my case when the routine starts to take over I do not do much planning. I know more or less where I want to go, I search in Google, Facebook or I follow some recommendations of some acquaintance. I pack the things that I think I will need, in addition to another backpack in case there is a change of plans in the middle (sweater, shorts, and towel don’t hurt); I put the things in the car, I open the garage, and at that moment the walk begins.

And the truth is that this adventurous spirit was developed since childhood. My dad told us on Sundays: “Let’s go for a walk, stop doing what you’re doing!” We really had to put everything in a backpack because it could be from a picnic in a pasture by the Poas volcano, to a pool near Quepos. Making a plan open to changes, not having expectations of anything, that was the fun of it, and we would enjoy it to the fullest.

I have learned that life is a trip, we must always take advantage of every moment, we do not know precisely where we are going, but the important thing is to be well prepared because of many times that depends on how we are going to enjoy the moment.

Alejandro Trejos V.





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