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Easy peasy lemon squeezy, follow these simple steps and BAM! Get started on your training!

To book just go to

Click on Purchase and reserve online.

Go where it says ‘Online Booking’ to create a user in order to be able to book. There, fill in all the information requested and that’s it.

Once the user is created, log in to the system and enter the username and password.
When you get in, change the language to English, select BUY and select ONLINE RESERVATION.
Now the reservation process begins. In Wild Area select Chirripó and in sector select Sector San Gerardo.

The next step is to check availability, so click on availability and there you will see the dates per month. Here you have to see where it says availability and these are the spaces that there are to be able to stay to sleep in the refugee shelter. Search month to month until there is space available (December to March is always full) We went 2 nights to the shelter so we looked for 2 days in a row where there were 4 spaces or more (the larger the group, the more difficult it is to get a short-term booking ).

Once you find dates enter those dates, If you’re sleeping over 2 nights that would be 3 days total.
Then in ‘Admission’ complete the information of how many people you are going with and the days that you are going to be inside the national park, starting from the day that you begin to go up until the day that you hike down. With this what they charge is 4000 colonies per day per person access to the park. Where it says ‘services’, don’t fill anything out. Accept the conditions and follow the process… In the purchase confirmation, you have to complete the information of each person who goes. Full name and ID. Each time you add a person you click on the + blue until the last person also has to do it.
After this, you have to enter the information of your credit card and confirm.
An email will arrive with the reservation number.

When you receive this email you have to forward it to the Eternal Water Consortium at and with this, they will answer the amount to pay for the lodging service in the hostel. This is paid by electronic transfer. The voucher is sent to the same email from   with your reservation number.

The reservation of the food can be made the day you arrive at San Gerardo or also days before, this is with the Consorcio Aguas Eternas (it is the best if you have any allergies or are vegetarian) and the luggage is sent the day you arrive.

** IMPORTANT: You can only make 1 change of member per group that you reserve. So there can only be one person that cancels on you.

SINAC:Entrance National Park: ₡ 4,000 / day (national) – $ 18 / day (foreigners)

Eternal Water Consortium: Lodging at Crestones Lodge: ₡ 19,207 / nights

Hostel meals:(You select the ones you want, we went with all)

Breakfast:₡ 5,650

Lunch:₡ 7.062

Dinner:₡ 7.062

Snacks:₡ 5,650.00

Luggage upload:2,086 by Kilo and descent again weigh and charge


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