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The best gift would be a trip and we have more than 150 ideas of places where you can go for a walk. But if you want to give someone a nice gift, some of these things are a good start:

Duffel Bag
This bag is perfect for weekend hikes, you can carry it in your hand, shoulder or back. It is also waterproof, not submersible but if a downpour falls, your stuff will remain dry. Glori has the Thule Chasm Medium (70L) and it’s the perfect size for packing 3 to 7 days. They have them in other colors as well.

Head Lamp
This light is great for night walks, to go to the bathroom in a camping area or to see bugs in the dark. In Stone Mountain Outdoors they sell a super durable Black Diamond brand and the battery lasts for a long time.

Waterproof jacket
In Costa Rica at any time we can have downpours so it does not hurt to have a good waterproof jacket; This is very good because it has an opening in the armpits for when you get hot with the walk and best of all it becomes a perfect mini bag to walk in the bulk without taking much space. Tavo and Glori have the Patagonia Torrentshell that is in Stone Mountain Outdoors. * They have them in other colors as well.

Bathing suits or swim trunks
There are countless bathing suit designs now which are awesome but if we need to go walking It’s best to choose a comfortable one for walking and do not have to change when you reach the river, pool or waterfall. The best swimming trunks are those that they sell at the beach because they are comfortable to walk in, also something that dries quickly and is nice and stretchy so you can jump in the water and continue your hike afterwards without changing.

Backpack for walking
The ideal backpack is one that is comfortable, that has a space between your back, adjustable straps on chest and hip, bags on the sides for bottles of water, at least two compartments, and a comfortable size to put: food, jacket, towel, camera, hammock, sweater. The Thule really are incredible. The one in the photo is Tavo’s, it’s a 32L Capstone.
Extra points if it has a waterproof layer.

Reusable bottle
Nalgene is the rock star of the bottles of hiking worldwide is Polycarbonate, among its characteristics is that it fits 1 liter, it’s almost indestructible, the smelly flavors do not stick and has the marks of ml to know how much drink and also It has a super accessible price. You can get it at Stone Mountain Outdoors.

It is compact, lightweight, easy to carry in any package, easy to “install” and delicious to rest … All you should need is two sticks / trees / racks / columns to sleep so good anywhere. We use Ticket to the Moon.

These are sold in Stone Mountain Outdoors and there are all sizes, prices and colors, they are bags made of 100% waterproof material that serve to keep the stuff dry during an adventure … like cell phone, wallet, camera, towel, toilet paper, microwave, washing machine, dryer, etc. (the last ones are jokes just to make sure you’re paying attention)

Beach chair
If you want to be the king of the beach you have to buy this Renetto chair, it is comfortable to move because it has straps to put on your back, it has good awning to protect from the sun, glasses, a lot of bags and it’s very comfortable.

Water Tube for the Truck
For all the hikers this is an accessory for the car. And when you have it you realize how good it is and how much useful it is. You’ll always have fresh water within reach with the Oasis Tubes.


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