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We learn from our mistakes! There are several points that didn’t turn out the way we expected… We want to tell you what happened to us … that’s why this video we wanted to call a FAIL but we had fun trying.

The weekend was here and we were pumped to visit a new place to share with you guys, so we decided to take route 32, without being very clear where we were going, we think that as Ticos we do not know how to appreciate the beauty of this route that crosses the Braulio National Park Carrillo, so we went to our destination, without any rush, making the most of the landscapes, pausing on the way to breathe, taking pictures and without the slightest idea of how the plan would end.

After passing Guápiles, the weather was getting worse little by little, but even so, it did not take away the thirst to discover a new place, so we insisted, the place to which we were going was confusing, we knew in advance that it was a waterfall that was called Río Blanco , and that was possibly where this river was born in the mountain but nothing else, so it went like this..

1. Not investigating:it is very different to see the photo of an awesome place and think to yourself “Holy crap!”, What a place! How the hell do you get there? ” So, that’s what we’re here for, to avoid mistakes and give you advice on how to get to that epic spot.

2. Lost Locals:We have realized that local people do not know where they live, not even we know our country well, we cannot expect them to tell us the exact address of someplace. The closest thing to an address was that we received an “Ahh yes, there we have seen people walking, but we do not know where they were going …”

3. Walk aimlessly:We finished the decent street, we saw a mountain, we asked a man of a construction site and we began to walk, we crossed 2 rivers and we arrived at a paddock, and all this in the middle of a storm.

4. No repellent:This point is the most important in any tropical walk because there are not only mosquitoes here, but there are dead flies that attacked us (we do not know what they were really), but thankfully, they preferred Tavo’s blood one so the rest of us got fewer bites.

5. Good attitude ALWAYS!:In spite of everything that happened, we never lost the positive attitude that bonds us as a team, and once we accepted that we were not going to see a waterfall we started to play around in the rain. We also took advantage of a very nice ravine surrounded by a forest, we were there for a long time until the flies ate us alive.

After walking, we thought that we just had to get out of the routine to have a good time, no matter the weather or where you are, you should never lose the good attitude, even if things do not go as planned, any place is A good place … if you want it to be.

We hope you continue to explore, visit and connect with nature, filling your life with stories to tell.


Por: Qué Buen Lugar

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