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About a month ago, we had the privilege of trying out a new backpack for the first time to choose the right one, and we found our matches.
Each of us found the product that suited our needs, in my case (Trejos) It was the 40L Capstone of which I will tell you a bit about.

Bulk Thule Capstone 40L – it is the best trip backpack according to TREJOS

The size of 40L is the most versatile in the world because it works great to load the basic junk for hiking (camera, drone, tripod, dry clothes, towel, jacket, and snacks) and can also be used for light trips you spend the night.

Cool things that this backpack package has:

-The part that sticks to the back that has a super-ventilated tensile mesh.

-A structure with super-fast and precise adjustment for any back size.

-Strips of adjustment to the chest and hips so that the backpack does not swing from side to side.

-Bag on the waist with easy access zipper for snacks.

-Bags for 2 bottles twisted forward for better access.

-Poncho has hidden to make the waterproof cover.

*** The coolest part is a clip that it has the left side, where you can place several accessories such as camera case, dry bag (for cell phone and something else) or handles for hiking sticks

We find it impressive that something as simple as a backpack can be redesigned and improved in so many aspects, generating at the end a comfortable, practical, durable product that adapts to the user depending on their needs.

Highly recommended.

* To know the availability of the product and buy it, you can write Karlita:[email protected]



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