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When we go for a hike there the million-dollar question always comes up: What do we need to take? A year and a half ago, when we started off, we took a lot of simple unnecessary stuff… it was then that after so much trial and error we reduced our hiking kit until we updated our list.

1. One does not go to Mexican Antojería to eat Sushi …
The backpack is very important to carry your junk comfortably, so I recommend studying the brands and how they were made. Beyond the colors, there are important technical details such as lumbar support, ventilation in the back, waterproof layer, space for bottles/snacks and in some cases bring up a whistle to ask for help.

Some brands that we like are Osprey, Kelty, BlackDiamond, and Mountainsmith.

Mountainsmith Approach 25 backpack $ 98.75 i.v.i.

2. So the radiator does not dry out …
Always carry at least 1 Reusable bottle of water, because when we walk we lose a lot of water and it is good to get hydrated during and after exercise.


Nalgene 1L Water Bottle $ 14.00 i.v.i.

3. Do not let your stuff get lost!
Everything can be lost in a walk except the bag… then it is classic for us to use a carabiner to secure EVERYTHING from the keys of the car to the water bottle and the hammock.

Mosqueton Black Diamond HotWire $ 9.00 i.v.i.

4. Small blade …
We always walk with a blade, it’s great to slice the apple into pieces and spread peanut butter, cut the bread, tomato, and cheese for the sandwiches.



Pocket knife Kershaw Freefall $ 45.20 i.v.i.

5. Most beautiful seed …
When we walk, the rain, rivers, and mud ruin our equipment, so we walk with a dry reusable bag (DryBag) to put everything that could get ruined with water or moisture. If you do not have those you can carry a ziplock bag.

3L Osprey Dry Bag $ 16.15 i.v.i.

6. Better to be safe than sorry …
Whether you are allergic to mosquitoes or feel a slight possibility of blisters, it is good to walk a basic medicine kit with bandaids, anti-diarrhea pills, serum, antibacterial gel, and tweezers…

Coghlan’s Trek I Kit $ 10.65 i.v.i.

7. Ducks in the water…
For us, it is a classic to get into the natural pools, rivers and waterfalls so 99.9% of the time we walk with the swimsuit underneath and a super absorbent and compact microfiber cloth.


Grand Trunk Microfiber Cloth $ 35.85 i.v.i.

8. Use a good cane so you don’t look like a fool …
Everything is easier you have more than 2 points of support, so it is advisable to always walk with a pair of hiking sticks so you don’t get your pants so dirty.

Walking Stick Kelty Upslope 1.0 $ 26.00 i.v.i.

9. Don’t let the lights go out!
Beyond being well-fed, it is always good to have good lighting … that’s why you should have an LED headlight, so you can have your hands free so you can walk easily.


Black Diamond Cosmo Head Light $ 33.95 i.v.i.

10. Don’t let your gut scare you…
One of our greatest lessons in these walks is that you never know when your stomach can fool you so ALWAYS bring toilet paper or baby wipes. The walk will be calmer and in case of an emergency, we can enjoy nature.


Toilet Paper Brand Whatever…priceless

10 + 1 The most important point!

Have cool adventurous friends that are up for anything and don’t cancel on you.

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