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Accesibilidad: Accessible

Finca Retos del Irazú

We went to see Finca Retos del Irazú, a small town near Prusia in Cartago, with trails for beginners, a picnic area and a perfect campsite to have a blast. How to get there? From the Sanatorium 2km north on the road to Prusia, 1km after the Sanatorium is the bridge, 300mts after the bridge …

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Finca Vikingos

We left for a spectacular place near San José, safe for hiking on trails that lead to beautiful viewpoints, a restaurant, picnic areas, a farm, and even a small lake. This is Finca Vikingos located on the way to San José de la Montaña, so take a walk, we gyou guarantee  you will have a …

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Finca La Colasa

We went to the mountains of Sacramento de Heredia to visit one of the places to see the best sunsets, perfect for camping and spending time with the family. How to get there? The address is Sacramento de Barva de la soda La Campesina on the left about 200 meters, the farm is on the …

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We went to Treep, a perfect place to walk, have a picnic next to a river and enjoy with family/friends close to the city.


We went to Oikoumene, which means land fit for life. It is located in Ochomogo de Cartago. A perfect place for a quiet plan, near San José, with trails to walk, ride a bike or, like us, take the dog for a walk. They also have several lodging options and camping areas. How to get …

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Iguanita Beach

A couple of months ago we visited one of the most beautiful and crystalline beaches of Guanacaste, called Playa Iguanita, just 30 minutes from Liberia. How to get there? Take Route 1 towards Guanacaste Waze: Distance: free Difficulty: Easy Accessibility: Yes it is accessible What to bring? Comfy light clothes, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, trail …

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Finca Don Pachi

We went to the mountains of Patarrá, a place super close to the city, perfect to spend a picnic with family or friends, play in nature, walk and enjoy with your pet. How to get there? To get there you go to Desamparados and from there to the mountains of Patarrá. Waze: Distance: There …

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Poza Los Coyotes

We went to Poza los Coyotes in Cañas Dulces de Liberia, an emerald-colored river that is born in the one and only Rincón de la Vieja Volcano … with waterfalls and pools perfect to cool off from the Guanacaste heat. How to get there? You take Route 1 towards Guanacaste, starting off to the right …

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Ruta Guana Clásico

We bring you one of the best trips in Guanacaste, to enjoy a full weekend with incredible places in this province. Mixing mountains, waterfalls, pools and perfect beaches. How to get there? You take Route 1 towards Guanacaste, starting off to the right before Cañas to reach Cerro Pelado. Waze: Cerro Pelado Poza Los …

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Cabuyal Beach

We went to one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Guanacaste…  Playcalled Cabuyal and it’s only half an hour from Liberia! How to get there? To get there, take route one towards Liberia, then turn left for about 20 minutes until you reach the intersection on the right to go to the Gulf …

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